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Fibre snapcase

iPhone 5/5S case with soft-touch finish and genuine natural fiber inlay

Fibre snapcase, sand
Fits iPhone 5/5S
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Fibre for your iPhone

This modern iPhone 5/5S case is made from durable polycarbonate with a grippy, soft-touch finish. A genuine natural fiber fabric inlay, the same fabric used for our entire Fibre Collection, provides a tactile surface.

Protection where it matters.

Everyone who ever dropped their phone knows that it will land on one of its edges. Beefed-up side walls offer optimum impact protection for your iPhone.

Natural fiber. Lightweight, waterproof, beautiful.

Made from an innovative natural fiber fabric that has been developed exclusively for the series. Waterproof and organically dyed, the unique properties of this material with its smooth yet rugged hand feel allowed the booq design team to achieve an extremely light and strong product with a timeless, luxuriously rugged elegance while conserving valuable resources.


Fits iPhone 5/5S
Exterior 127 × 62 × 10 mm
Interior 124 × 59 × 8 mm
Weight 0.05 kg
Lining PC
Exterior Polycarbonate


Twin Geeks video review of our Fibre snapcase

"very swish fibre snapcase."

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"Booq’s Fibre Snapcase proves to be a stylish and decent protective case for your iPhone 5/5S"

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PhoneArena: Fibre snapcase Review

"Visually speaking, it’s nice that it maintains the streamlined figure of the iPhone 5/5s"

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iPhoneItalia: Fibre snapcase Review

"Un hardcase bello, elegante e sicuro. Protegge il tuo dispositivo sia sul retro che sui bordi."

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PensareMac: Fibre snapcase Review

"L’idea di rivestire il retro con fibre naturali mi pare azzeccata sia dal punto di vista estetico che funzionale."

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